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Road Safety in America: How People are Compensated from Injuries?

Admin - August 9, 2017 - 0 comments

Owning a vehicle in the United States is a must, because commuting is not that easy especially if you live in remote areas. People look into vehicles as a necessity, which would take them to their preferred destination. However, as more people receive their license to drive, the chances of being in a vehicular accident in the United States increases. According to recent statistics, there are more than five million vehicular crashes in America for the year 2010, and about 30,000 were fatal, killing around 33,000 people. Those who are injured were tallied at around 2.2 million, and the number keeps on increasing. To date, there have been three million deaths in the United States due to vehicular accident, since the introduction of the first cars in 1899.

The state of California, which is home to more than 39 million people, has the highest vehicular accident rate in the country. More people die in car crashes in California compared to any other state, primarily because of their population. However, when it comes to road safety and the probability of fatality from a car crash, studies show that California is far from being the deadliest. Because of the frequency of accidents in the state, many people sought the assistance from lawyers who specializes in road safety. Internet phrase searches such as “experienced injury lawyer San Francisco, CA” dominate the state’s search history. People from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and other major Californian cities are seeking the advice from experienced injury lawyers to find out what kind of compensation they could receive resulting from the accidents that they have been through.

One of the most popular methods to earn compensation from vehicular accidents would be filing a lawsuit against vehicle manufacturers. If there is a lot of accident involving the same vehicle year, make and model, people could file multiple lawsuits at the same time, creating a class lawsuit. It results to massive part recalls from vehicle manufacturers, and those who are involved in an accident are given compensation proportional to the damages incurred by the victim. It is important that an experienced injury lawyer would be handling cases like these, because vehicle manufacturers would also hire the best lawyers who would be defending their companies.

A few years back, issues concerning the brakes on some vehicle models manufactured by a specific vehicle brand prompted a massive recall all over the United States. Many people reported that they were involved in a crash, with some sustaining injuries, and for others, fatalities. The vehicle manufacturer had to pay millions of dollars because of the lawsuits that were filed against them, and injury lawyers played a big part determining the reasons why the vehicle manufacturers should pay the consumers. People are happy knowing that experienced injury lawyers are more than happy to serve them, and according to these lawyers, they will continue to protect the public from any failed vehicle design, and they will also encourage the vehicle manufacturers to continue considering the safety of the riding public.

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