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What to do When Animals Strike

Admin - May 14, 2017 - 0 comments

Sometimes the nicest of animals can turn on a person. So what can we do when a dog, cat, or some other neighborhood animal decides to attack? We must contact a or an attorney. The injuries that can occur from an animal can be very severe and can range from from a bite to being mauled to death from the animal. There are many different services that are available for the average person to help them fight a case when an animal attacks. 

What To Do When A Dog Attacks

There are different steps that a person must take when being attacked by an animal. 
Step One: Stand still and do not chase the animal. 
Step Two: Get medical treatment for the wound. 
Step Three: Call animal control to look for the animal. 
Step Four: Make sure that the animal has been vaccinated. 
Step Five: File a police report. 
Step Six: Determine why the attack happened. 
Step Seven: Make sure to get insurance information from the owner of the animal. 
Step Eight: Contact an attorney or a lawyer. 
These are the most important steps when a person wants to take an appropriate approach to animal attacks. 

Can I Control The Situation? 

Animals make their own decisions because it is their instinct to do so. Nobody can control an animal that does not wish to be controlled. The most common type of animal attack is a dog bite. These types of attacks can happen simply because a child sticks their finger through a fence that they should not have ranging to a full blown maul from a rapid dog. There are many reasons that a person could be attacked from provoking it them selves or it just being a freak accident. Animals natural instinct is to attack when they feel like they are in some sort of danger. 

Dog Bite Statistics

The United States Post Office has ranked the top twenty towns that have the most dog attacks in the year of 2018. The number one area that had dog attacks was Huston, Texas. The least of the 20 was Portland, Oregon. There were states that did not even show up on this list such as Nevada (NV),however you can still contact a dog bite attorney services las vegas nv because they are not out of the woods just yet. 

How to Avoid Dog Attacks

The best way to avoid an animal attack is to avoid the animal completely. If you see a dog do not approach the dog. Do not tease, touch, or provoke the dog in any shape or form. Walk away from the animal and inform the local animal control that there is a dog on the loose that may be dangerous. Animal control will take care of the problem instead of you risking your life. Animals can be nice or mean depending on instinct and their nature. Be safe and call for help immediately.

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