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Family Attorneys, Their Education and How to Choose Good One

Admin - May 2, 2017 - 0 comments

Family attorneys have a huge spectrum of services to cover. This particular field of law encompasses everything from surrogacy to marriage to juvenile law. The list goes on and on. Yes, many attorneys will choose a specific area and gain expertise in that area, however, prior to being allowed to practice, they must pass the bar exam, which will contain questions in all areas involving family. 

Family law practice includes also, child protective proceedings. These types of proceeding involve the abuse and neglect of a child. A few other categories are paternity proceedings, whereas the court is trying to establish or disestablish paternity, legitimacy, child custody ward, foster care, UN Rights of the Child, grandparent visitation and more. If you need a family law attorney try to choose one that has a special knowledge or expertise about the particular area that is needed. Though the lawyer is has been educated in all areas, there is usually a few areas that they have built a reputation in, and have become a favorite and is now considered a recommended attorney in this topic. 

The education required to practice law begins like most professions with a bachelor’s degree. A juris doctor degree, covers 4 years of law school, then as stated earlier, the passing of the bar exam. Once the attorney is able to began practice, whether on his/her own or within a firm, they are still expected to continue to educate themselves to keep their license. So if the family attorney millburn nj does not proceed forward when it comes to continuing to earn education credits, yes he/she could lose their license. Regardless, of what state the practice is in, remaining up to date when it comes to the law is a necessity. 

There are a few tips when searching for a family attorney. One is take a glimpse at his/her record. How long has the attorney practiced law? Has he/she won many of their cases, if not why? Were they difficult cases. Is this lawyer recommended by friends and family? Also, many times in family court, things can get extremely touchy, because, it’s dealing with spouses, children etc. Information that you may not want to come out, may become the center of attention in the courtroom. Prior to choosing an attorney, try to discern if this person has discretion. There may be times when you’re in tears and revealing things to this person, that otherwise may not be revealed. 

Attorneys must be good communicators. Most of what their professions require is speaking and writing. They must be able to convince a judge, jury or both to look at things from their point of view. And in many cases, this communicative skill must shine during the most stressful and tension filled situations. Family attorneys, due to the type of cases that are brought before them, such as parental child abduction, children’s rights, emancipation, etc must be that much more able to communicate and convince. Knowing that the quality life of children may be at stake, the attorney must still be cool, accurate and convincing.

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