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What You Need To Know About Divorce And Children

Admin - May 19, 2017 - 0 comments

Despite the many attempts to save your marriage, things don’t always go right leaving you and your spouse no option but to file a divorce. While this phase is one of the toughest on a married couple, as adults, they will eventually get over it, but their children might have a tough time getting over it. In some cases, your kids might even need their attorney. As surprising as it sounds, it happens regularly. Here is how a divorce affects your child and also circumstances in which your kids might need an attorney during one. When might your child need an attorney during your divorce 

Your kids might need an attorney during a divorce if 

There is a high level of disagreement and conflict between you and your spouse 
When they are expected to act as a witness during the divorce 
When there is evidence or hints of child abuse or neglect 
When you and your spouse fail to agree on custody, or when there is interference with the set custody or parenting plan. 

The court often appoints a child attorney due to the circumstances listed above. However, you may also hire a lawyer for your child if the court fails to do so. If you think your child needs one but you are unsure, ensure you consult a highly skilled divorce lawyer houston tx for more insight on your kids and other matters regarding the separation.

Intense Sadness And Constant Stress 

Nothing is as beautiful to a child as having its parents together. So when you and your spouse finally decide to throw in the towel, it is normal for your child to feel sad. However, some kids don’t take it well resulting in acute sadness and stress. Studies show that some children, especially those in grade school tend to assume that they caused their parents divorce by misbehaving or they did something wrong that caused their parents to divorce. 

Others fail to understand why they must stay with one parent on weekdays and the other on weekends while others tend to believe that if their parents can stop loving each other, then they will eventually stop loving them. Because they are still young, such thoughts tend to put immense pressure and stress on their minds, and as a result, causing mental disorders such as depression at a young age. 

Mood Swings And Irritability 

This is a typical reaction to divorce, especially among teens. They become angry towards their parents for divorcing and in some cases might pin the blame on one parent. They also harbor resentment towards their parents. They grow easily irritable even when they are around people whose company they enjoyed before the divorce. They also tend to shut everyone out even those who were close friends. Such behaviors eventually affect them emotionally causing them to suffer anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. 

Makes Them Prone To Substance Abuse 

After withdrawing and shutting everyone out, children especially those in their teen years often become prone to drug and substance abuse. They find comfort in drugs and alcohol as these give them a chance to vent their frustration and an opportunity to forget about the reality of things for a while. 

Trouble Holding A Relationship Down 

This is a long term effect that divorce has on most children. This is because kids who witness the failure of their parent’s marriage tend to develop doubt about perfect relationships and lose faith in love. This makes it difficult for them to trust anyone in the future hence making it difficult for them to hold down a relationship.

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