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Meeting With Your Attorney To Get The Best Advice

Admin - April 18, 2017 - 0 comments

While you’re driving along the road, you happen to notice blue lights in your rearview mirror. Knowing that you’ve been drinking, you go ahead and pull over to wait for the officer. When the officer reaches your window, you will likely be given a few different tests to determine if you have been driving under the influence. If you have, then you can be charged and given a court date or taken to jail. 

After being charged with a DUI, one of your options would be to talk with a dui lawyer virginia beach va offers. Before you hire someone, there are a few questions that you should ask so that you have the best representation possible when you go to court. One of those questions would be how long the attorney has been practicing law. You also need to ensure that the lawyer understands DUI charges and possible sentences in order to bring the best defense possible when you go before the judge. Keep in mind that criminal charges are often dealt with faster than a civil suit would be, so you might not have a lot of time to find an attorney and work on a defense unless you have someone in mind. However, most attorneys can get your first court date continued to a later day so that you have more time to get evidence together and so that you can continue working to make money to pay any fines that you could have if you aren’t in jail. 

Schedule a time when you know that you can talk to an attorney instead of spending a few minutes in the office only finding out the attorney’s name and the fees that you will have to pay. Talk about the options that you have in court and possible sentences that you could face. Your attorney will be able to get details from the arrest to determine if you were pulled over and given a sobriety test in the correct fashion. If the evidence against you was retrieved in a manner that was illegal or that could be argued in court, your attorney could ask that your charges be dismissed as most officers need to have reasonable doubt to give you any kind of tests to determine if you are driving under the influence. 

When you meet with your attorney, you need to have as many documents with you as possible about the incident. You also need to have information about your court date so that your attorney can try to get it continued. When you go to court, understand that your criminal background and any other DUI charges that you’ve had will impact your overall sentence and how long you stay in jail if you are arrested when you are pulled over. Your attorney will usually ask you questions about what happened when you were pulled over and if you were, in fact, drinking anything or using any kind of drugs while you were driving. This is a time when you need to be honest with the attorney as the person is trying to help you instead of trying to see you spend time in jail.

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