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Better View at the Sexual Assault Issues

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Sexual abuse is any forced sexual act or use of another person’s sexuality against his will. Sexual abuse has many forms, from peeping and genital exposure to rape and incest. This can happen to anyone, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation or religion.

Sex life in a violent relationship

A woman who is beaten by her partner may lose forever the desire for sex if the necessary emotional recovery process does not take place. As a rule, if violence appears in a relationship, the nature of the couple’s sexual relations changes completely. It is precisely sexual relations that are often the area in which a woman feels especially vulnerable her vulnerability and insecurity. This can lead to the desire to avoid sexual intercourse or subconscious distancing, when a woman participates in sexual intercourse, while remaining passive. Many women who have experienced physical violence from a partner say that subsequent sexual relations become a difficult test for them, as they are unable to feel trust in a partner who has abused their trust earlier. The Peter Cedeno NYC case proves a lot here.

  • Be sure to tell the police if you suspect that you have been given drugs or have added something to the drink. In this case, you will take a urine and blood test.
  • You may decide for the first time that you do not want to give the case a formal move, but maybe you will change your mind later. Therefore, keep in a separate paper bag the clothing that was on you at the time of the attack, without erasing it.
  • If you wash yourself, use ordinary detergents – soap, shampoo, etc., do not take household cleaning products, as they can damage the skin.
  • If at the time of the violence you had the opportunity to become pregnant, it may be worth using emergency contraception methods (SOS-pill, for example, Postinor and the like). Such tablets can be taken as much as 72 hours after intercourse. Consult a doctor.
  • If you suspect that you could have any sexual disease, consult a doctor.

Yet close, divorce and separation are actually two different concepts on the legal front. Divorce and separation share the same causes (moreover treated in the same branch of law), but do not entail the same consequences.

So close, so distant

Any contract has a term. Since marriage is a contract, divorce is one of its possible terms. Long ignored by lawmakers, divorce has become a common phenomenon in modern societies. It is nonetheless a hard test sentimentally but also financially. There are two families of divorce: litigation divorce and non-contentious divorce (mutual consent). In all cases, divorce refers the spouses to their pre-marriage situation.

Divorce lawyers

Separation, on the other hand, can be an alternative to divorce. In a separation, the conjugal bond is not totally broken: the marriage remains but some obligations cease. This is the case of the obligation to live together. In financial terms, the separation of property regime is an exception and constitutes a marriage contract. In order for them to take effect, divorce and separation must be pronounced by a judge.

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