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Fatigue is a major hazard for construction workers

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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the United States. Construction workers are regularly exposed to all kinds of hazards, putting their physical health and even their mental health at risk. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 150,000 accidents occur on construction sites each year. On the other hand, OSHA (The Occupational Safety and Health Administration) states that approximately 1 in 10 workers are injured each year. One of the main risk factors faced by construction workers is fatigue, as a tired worker is more likely to be injured than a well-rested one.

A study by the National Safety Council reported that 69% of workers in the transportation, manufacturing, and construction industries who were surveyed said they felt constantly tired or fatigued at work. Given this situation, both employees and employers should be aware of the causes of the problem and what to do about it so that future injuries can be prevented.

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Causes of construction worker fatigue

To begin with, it is important to identify the main reasons why construction workers are constantly fatigued. Some of the major causes of work fatigue are the following: 

  •       Prolonged work hours
  •       Shift work
  •       Constant mental effort and concentration
  •       Repetitive physical tasks
  •       Excessive physical effort
  •       Working in extreme conditions
  •       Poor sleep quality or lack of sleep
  •       Bad diet
  •       Use of drugs and/or alcohol

Each of these factors can cause construction workers to feel fatigued on the worksite, exposing them to severe and potentially fatal injuries.

Symptoms of construction worker fatigue

A fatigued worker will be less efficient on the construction site and will slow down the progress of the work considerably. If several workers are affected by the problem, the quality of the work may be compromised and it may even be impossible to meet the estimated deadlines. Therefore, employers should act immediately if they notice one or more workers showing symptoms of fatigue or tiredness, such as the following:

  •   Tiredness
  •   Sleepiness
  •   Low energy
  •   Impaired judgment
  •   Slow or bad reaction time
  •   Lack of clear thinking
  •   Short -term memory loss
  •   High absenteeism
  •   Decreased productivity

How to Avoid Fatigue

There are several ways in which construction worker fatigue can be avoided. Some of the most efficient methods are as follows:

Avoid overtime: Overworking can be too demanding and cause fatigue.

Pay attention to symptoms: If you feel any of the symptoms listed above are affecting you, take a break.

Take breaks: Stopping once in a while can be very helpful in preventing fatigue at work.

Eat and drink: If you stay well-fed and hydrated, you will be less likely to suffer from fatigue symptoms.

Get enough sleep: Many people don’t understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Get enough sleep to stay healthy.

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