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3 Things You Should Know About a Contested Divorce

Admin - September 12, 2019 - 0 comments

Divorce may be on the horizon for you. While you never pictured this event occurring, here you are trying to come to terms with it.

The process of becoming legally unwed can be lengthy and quite burdensome. When facing a contested divorce tampa, it is good to know some of the basics that go into this legal process. Familiarize yourself with three critical things about divorce.

1. Contested Divorce Means You Don’t Agree

Some couples are fortunate in that they agree on some of the terms of their divorce. However, if they don’t agree on everything, they are headed the contested route. This process is longer than an uncontested divorce, but it is the more conventional path. While the parties may agree on the majority of terms, if there are one or two things they cannot compromise on, it may make for a lengthy process.

2. Children Mean More Documents

If you have children together, you are required to do more during the divorce. Things like parenting classes, development of a parenting plan, and legal custody must all be sorted out before the judge signs a final decree. Issues involving children are usually some of the most volatile during a divorce, and therefore, having an advocate in your corner who can help is a valuable ally.

3. Financial Separation Is Equitable

Florida law separates marital property equitably. Do not confuse this with equally. In an equitable property state, the parties must divide things based on a number of factors including:

  • The current and potential future income of the parties
  • The domestic duties of the parties
  • The separate property each holds

These are three of the things a court will look at before divvying up the joint marital assets and property.

Contemplating divorce may seem frightening, especially since you never saw it coming. However, understanding some of the basic elements can help you ease into the process.

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