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Common Injuries That May Be Caused by Your Job

Admin - September 18, 2019 - 0 comments

Workers’ compensation claims seem to be on the rise, as people spend more time at work now than ever before. With the cost of living climbing, many find that they can’t make enough money to keep up.

Injuries at work can range from mild to catastrophic. The type of work you do or the type of incident you encounter determines how severe your affliction is. A workers comp lawyer oregon can provide specific information on your chances of recovering lost money depending on your incident. Take a look at some of the typical workers’ compensation injury claims that get filed.

Trip or Slip and Fall

Living in Oregon may make your blood thicker in the winter, but it doesn’t make it any easier to avoid a set of slippery stairs. Falls rank relatively high in the claims categories, and their resulting injuries may leave you with permanent impairment. When ice coats the steps to work, it may not always be visible. Even though you are outside, you may still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. Other falls include those that occur in the office or on a construction site.

Over-Use Injuries 

A job that requires constant movement of one body part or the other may leave you susceptible to over-use injuries. The areas of the body more prone include joints where ligaments and tissue can break down over time. Things like knees, rotator cuffs, and wrists are the most common body parts that suffer in this way. Jobs in construction, typing, hairstylists, musicians, and factories usually have the highest rate of over-use injuries.

Stress Claims 

If you work in a high-pressure position, you may be at prone to developing physical symptoms of stress. These may include things like constant headache, jaw pain, chest tightness and stomach issues. While proving a stress claim may seem problematic, there are certain professions known for their intensity. Air traffic controller, police officer and stockbroker are just a few areas that have seen a rise in these type of claims.

You may need professional help to get your claim going. Get with an attorney in your area, and get your claim moving.

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