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Personal Injury Lawyers, a Needed and Respected Profession in Our Society

Admin - April 15, 2017 - 0 comments

Personal injury attorneys are needed in a huge way, because they deal with issues that are not so black and white. Accidents are one of the main forms of abuse. Are accidents, such as a fall or a slip hard to prove? In many cases, yes. It’s not a matter of proving whether the person fell or slipped, but a matter of whose at fault. Was their slip the fault of the business owner or was it the fault of the individual? Was the person watching where he/she was going, or were they chatting, talking on the phone etc.? Were there signs, directing customers to be careful? 

Yearly, billions of dollars worth of claims are filed. An average of 700,000 claims ranging from near deaths to minor experiences manage their way to a courtroom. 
Over 40,000 deaths occurred on the highways of America. With nearly 5 million people who suffered severe injuries. When it comes to injuries that take place in the workplace, every 7 seconds an employee gets hurt on the job. The top five professions with the highest injury percentage is: 

1. Service (police officer, firefighters) 
2. Trans/Shipping (bus drivers, truck drivers, mailman 
3. Manufacturing/Prod 
4. Installation/maintenance/repair 
5. Construction 

The top few types of injuries are overexertion, which account for 34% of all injuries in the workplace. Along with getting hit by an object, which holds a good 25% of injuries. And lastly, slips and falls, which also, carries 25% of all injuries. Medical Malpractice claims have a soared in the US with a payout amount of $4 billion, a couple of years ago. The strange thing about this is that the percentage for this particular personal injury changes, depending on which state you live in. New Jersey, Delaware, West Va etc, where incredibly higher than those living in Hawaii, New Hampshire, Montana etc. So a personal injury lawyer wadena mn, when it comes to these types of injuries may not be needed as much as in Charleston WV which may surprise a lot of people. 

In 2014 5.2 million was the average compensation for liability injuries concerning products. The amount of product liability claims have risen considerably since 1974. In 1974 there were 1,579 cases, in the pass few years these cases have risen dramatically into the 100’s of thousands. When it comes to this type of claim, the fault can rest on any number of people. The manufacturer of the product (which is the company that create the product), the assembler, (which is the company that assembles the product) or the blame can be put on the repairer etc. So this type of claim can be a lot more complicated than you may think. 

Personal injury lawyers are trained to identify what cases are worth fighting for. They are educated in a way, to be able to see a possible win, due to negligence etc. The presenting your case to an attorney make sure you relay all of the evidence and witnesses, so that the attorney can make the right decision. Making the right decision can save you, and the rest of society a great deal of pain and heartache, remember if you do not take them to court, that same incident can happen to someone else.

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