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Sometimes You Have To Love Jury Duty

Admin - April 11, 2017 - 0 comments

Most people dread getting called for any kind of jury duty even if they are getting paid. However, there are some places that does make it a lot easier to deal with the fact for a few days or even longer you have to reside over something or one else’s fate over some perceived wrong done them. This is not to say that the actual jury duty is any better or worse, however, the amenities can make your time better or for worse on top of having to sit day in and day out listening to the humdrum facts of the case that you have been asked to decide one way or the other. 

There is nothing that can make the mostly boring legal jargon any easier to navigate through, but when they let you go for lunch for instance, they either allow you to leave the courthouse or keep you sequestered. Of course, being able to, when you are given a break, to get some fresh air and a bite to eat without having to constantly be with the same 5 or 11 other of your fellow jurors is sometimes a welcome break. However, like in jury selection los Angeles Ca, the jurors there have use of free Wi-Fi, 90 minute lunches which they can choose to go to the in house cafeteria that serves an excellent menu. Even if they may not be a 5 star restaurant however, they certainly are worth the trip even if not on jury duty. 

They also have guarded parking decks which an officer helps direct you to a ground level parking. Then there is the fact that instead of having to register in person, the potential juror can do all of that online, making it easier when the big day comes that they have to report to do the beginnings of the jury selections, so the getting there an hour or more early one can get there right before they have to report to the court room and begin the drill of questions from the lawyers and judge. 

There are not many jurisdictions that I have heard of that has even a couple of these amenities, so these can make things a lot easier in doing their civil duty. It certainly makes it a lot less stressful, the meager pay that is offered certainly does not, nor the idea of a long drawn out court case, but it certainly does make it somewhat easier. 
Most of the time, the thought of having to deal with the case is one thing but the thought of bad food, no outside contact, having to stay overnight away from friends and family, or a long commute is just too much for many to bare so they try and think of anything they can to get out of jury duty. However, if more jurisdictions had similar amenities as they do in LA, then maybe more people would not try and dodge their civil duty.

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