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Statistical Evidence Shows Devastating Results of Truck Accidents

Admin - May 7, 2017 - 0 comments

Collisions between large trucks known as big rigs and smaller vehicles are devastating since there is a large size and weight difference. Even a slow speed crash can result in serious injury to the occupants of a passenger vehicle. This commercial 18-wheeler can weigh up to 20 times more than a passenger car. Sharing the roads with trucks is essential since they transport goods across the country and in every city. 

Many factors can cause a collision between a passenger vehicle and a commercial truck that passenger vehicle drivers may not consider on the road. A big rig with the weight and size takes longer to stop than a small passenger vehicle, and there are blind spots where the truck operator cannot see a smaller vehicle. The data shows that braking can take between 20 and 40 percent further than a car to stop depending on the weight of the tractor-trailer and the load the truck is carrying. Wet and slippery roads can also be a factor in stopping the truck. The truck often has warnings on the trailer warning of blind spots or that it makes wide left turns. Passenger vehicle drivers should use caution when passing a commercial truck or merging onto a roadway. 

Truck Operator Issues 

Truck drivers are on the road most of the time and this can cause several issues such as driver fatigue, driver distraction, insufficient training or inexperience and not adhering to traffic laws. Then there is the mechanical side of a big rig and passenger vehicle crash. The truck may not have proper maintenance that includes malfunctions or failure of breaks, tires, and an improper loading of the cargo the truck is carrying. The trailer connected improperly, or there can be steering and other issues that contribute to a collision. 

Big Rig Accident Claims 

After involvement in a collision with a large commercial truck caused due to negligence the victims have the right to hold the truck operator with the help of the trucking accidents lawyer houma la. In many cases, the truck company has also been negligent in the hiring of the driver or maintenance of the truck. These negligent actions or inaction on the part of the truck operator and/ or the trucking company the victim can hold them accountable when a collision takes place. There are rules and regulations in place for both the truck driver and the trucking company that owns the tractor-trailer. Often in accidents with passenger cars, these regulations are found violated. 

Filing the Truck Accident Claim 

Following a truck and passenger vehicle collision the victim has the legal right to file a personal injury claim for the harm and damages suffered due to negligent actions by the other party. The truck accident lawyer will investigate the accident and prepare the claim to take to trial against the negligent defendants to recover a settlement the victim deserves. Since, this type of claim is generally for serious injury that requires ongoing medical treatment and permanent disability in many cases. This may also be a case associate with a wrongful death because of the weight difference between a car and large truck involved in a collision.

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