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Understanding Texas Car Crash Liability

Admin - July 16, 2019 - 0 comments

When you are traveling on the road in your vehicle of choice, you are always thinking of reaching your destination safely. While most people are traveling, they are wholly engaged with the act of driving and are aware of all surroundings.

However, smartphones have proven to be a significant danger on the road for many people. For some reason, a lot of individuals are unable to keep the phone put away until they exit the vehicle once the car has stopped. As it stands, society has become interconnected to the point where it is difficult to discern if someone is always connected to the internet.

People that use phones while they drive are increasingly responsible for causing accidents, and this is true for people in Dallas, TX, also. If you have recently gotten into an accident that was not your fault, you may want to reach out to a Dallas car wreck lawyer.

Filing a Legitimate Claim

In the state of Texas, each driver owes a duty to every other individual that is operating a vehicle at the same time. Meaning, everyone should be driving as safely as possible at all times. However, if the person who crashed onto you was using a smartphone, they failed this duty to you and others.

Once this is established, the first step to filing an insurance claim has been fulfilled. Since this breach of duty has been created, the insurance agency will then check to see if the cause enters into the equation.

If the person was not using a smartphone while driving, it is reasonably evident that they likely would not have crashed into your car. In this case, proximate cause is easy to establish as every person that has a drivers license is aware of driving while distracted. An insurance agent will be able to clarify each of these points in further detail.

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