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Ways A Business Can Discriminate Against You

Admin - April 27, 2019 - 0 comments

Have you recently applied at a job that you were qualified for and still didn’t receive it? Perhaps you noticed that the makeup of the business typically garners towards a specific ethnicity and sex. There is a possibility that you may have been passed by due to discrimination. Many businesses tout about being equal employment opportunists but not all of them actually make good on their promises. Even if you receive the job, you may be receiving discrimination without realizing it. Perhaps someone who has been working there shorter than yourself received a promotion that you were clearly the best candidate for. While employers may have their reasons, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a lawyer check into their practices to ensure you’re not being discriminated against. In what ways can a business discriminate against you? This article will discuss the various reasons that a business might choose to discriminate against you in favor of someone else. 

1. Age 

One extremely unfortunate method that businesses sometimes utilize is discrimination against age. Never mind that age often comes with it a wealth of experience, some businesses may choose to discriminate based on age because they don’t want to cover your health insurance costs. Or because you may be close to retiring and they don’t want to offer you a pension that will be utilized soon. If you feel that a business has discriminated based on age, then you need an age discrimination law attorney new york ny to fight for your rights. No matter how old you are you deserve the right to work. You also deserve the right to be promoted and to have equal pay to those who work the same hours that you do. 

2. Gender

Businesses might also discriminate against you due to your gender. Whether you’re female, male, non-binary, or transgender, a place of employment should never discriminate against you because of your gender. Besides just hiring, it’s also pretty typical for pay gaps to exist between certain genders. If you notice that many people of a different gender are being given raises over you–and others of your gender–then there is likely discrimination taking place. You need a lawyer who can give you the justice that you deserve. 

3. Sexual Orientation

Another aspect of yourself that might cause businesses to discriminate against you is your sexual orientation. If you are open about your sexuality, then businesses may choose to go with someone they believe fits their employee pool better. This is discrimination. It’s also discrimination if they place you in a position that is far away from customer interaction based on your sexual orientation. You shouldn’t be excluded from being the face of the company just because of your sexuality. If you believe that you’re being discriminated against because of your orientation, then you should also look into hiring a lawyer to protect your rights. Discrimination is wrong and businesses should be held legally accountable.

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