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When Ending A Marriage Gets Down And Dirty

Admin - July 13, 2017 - 0 comments

Ending a marriage is tough. There is so much you have to go through to sever ties. Laws are always changing, and besides the rules, procedures, and statutes, the emotional process can be overwhelming. It can tempting to sit at your computer, and plan out a strategy for handling it yourself, but are you considering the arsenal your spouse may have. 

The road to a divorce is long, and according to one divorce attorney Medford OR residents probably haven’t considered all the financial implications that are headed their way. The division of property, assets and debts are the hardest part for most people. This is where the fighting gets petty, sneaky, greedy, and very ugly. It’s very easy to get bogged down with these decisions and spend months fighting over them. How your assets and debts are divided is vital because it affects your financial stability and standard of living for years to come. 

Considering The Division Of Property 

A credit card debt that resulted from your spouse purchasing a large-screen television that you were opposed to buying in the first place can be the catalyst for an all-out war. You can easily lose your perspective when you’re negotiating or fighting over assets and debts. But there are some important mental shifts you need to make before going into this. 

Attorney’s point out, stuff is just stuff. Material possessions do not define you, make you a better person, or guarantee your happiness. So, being awarded certain items does not mean you’ve won or taught your spouse a lesson. While it is important that you get a fair share of the marital property, you need to think about the tradeoffs. How long and hard do you want to fight over a couple thousand dollars? Is it worth all the lawyer bills to take a bit more of the assets? Experts point out, you need to total up not only the actual dollars, but the emotional toll the process will take on you. 

There is no room for emotions in the property settlement part of the divorce. Certainly, there are items that have emotional meaning to you, like photo albums, trip souvenirs, jewelry, and so on, but most things that you own really are just things that won’t change your life. But, it’s important to stand up for yourself and receive a fair share in the property settlement. Some people become so fed up with this process, they just want to wash their hands of it, but you also need to think about your future financial well-being. You may want to say “let him/her take it all, I don’t care,” but it’s far better to work toward an arrangement that fits both your futures. 

All assets that are part of the marriage have to be accounted for and divided. Just placing your name on it does not make it yours or separate personal property. Many spouses try this concept, but it can be successfully fought in court. Property division is not always equal, and sometimes it’s not fair. Thus, the reason you really need an attorney to negotiate and fight for you.

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