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Workers Compensation the Employee’s Protection when Injured

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Workers compensation is a kind of protection for an employee when they suffer injuries in the workplace or while doing business for a company outside of the workplace. This insurance can help financially for both pay and medical expenses. However, it may not be a smooth process since the insurer will be involved who does not want to freely payout claims. This like any kind of insurance has a process the injured worker must follow in order to gain the workers compensation payments. If the employee does not follow the process, they might forfeit the ability to make a compensation claim

The Process for Workers Compensation 

After an injury in the workplace or while on company time away from the workplace but within the employees scheduled duties, the employee can make a worker’s compensation claim. This financial compensation is paid for a specific amount of time once awarded and can be extended in most states if the workplace injuries are not healed. The process for gaining workers compensation after being injured is following the set rules. This will include going to the physician and if surgery is necessary the surgeon used by the insurer if the injury does not require immediate transport to a hospital. It is possible to use a personal doctor, but for this claim, the person must also visit the insurance provided physician. 

Paperwork will be provided to the injured victim they must fill out and return with questions about the job duties and how the accident happened. Depending on the seriousness of the injury the employee may want to seek the assistance of a workers compensation law lexington sc attorney. Filling these documents out will determine whether the compensation insurer has a reason to deny the claim from the information provided. The insurance adjuster assigned to the claim will look for ways to lessen the claim so the insurer does not need to pay compensation. 

In the event a claim is denied by compensation, the claim can be appealed. Because if it is denied the injured employee will not receive the financial or medical benefits they deserve. Another thing the compensation provider can demand is the employee return to work. Even, if the employee is unable to do their duties. However, they can return to work in a lesser capacity until the injury heals and the doctor or surgeon releases him or her to return to full duties. 

What a Compensation Lawyer can Do 

The lawyer specializing in workers compensation law can provide assistance in filling out the documents that must be returned to the compensation provider. They can defend the right of the employee to recover compensation that the insurer denied in an appeal. The other service a worker’s compensation lawyer can provide is to file a lawsuit against the employer for the injuries the victim sustained. This may happen if the employee’s injuries result in a temporary or permanent disability, if the employer fires the employee while healing, or if the workplace hazards caused the harm.

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