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Your Ultimate Guide to Social Security Benefits

Admin - October 6, 2017 - 0 comments

With over 63 million Americans receiving social security benefits every year, it is easy for a new applicant to get his/her application denied. But what causes social security benefits to be denied? The answer to that and more lies below 

What is Social Security? 

Before we roll out reasons why these benefits are usually denied, it is vital that you understand how they came to be and what they are, in the first place. 

Established in 1935 when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the act into law, social security is a federal program meant to offer financial backing to millions of Americans who retire, or disabled and the families of the retirees, disabled and deceased workers. According to statistics, about 169 million Americans pay social security taxes, while as mentioned earlier, approximately 69 million others collect the benefits. However, there are several reasons that could cause a denial in social security benefits.

Lack of Enough Working Credits 

For all groups, whether you are retired or disabled, there is a minimum amount of time that you must have worked to qualify for these benefits. Usually, these benefits are calculated based on your age, the number of years you worked and paid into the Social security system, and when you retired or became disabled. One can earn up to four credits in one year. Retirees need a minimum of at least 40 work credits to qualify. This means one should have worked for at least ten years. However, this varies in the case of disabilities. Therefore, the most common reasons for social security denial is the lack of enough credits. 

Lack of the Right Documentation

There are millions of people filing for benefits each year. As a result, the SSA is usually incredibly strict on the documents, yet the process of filing for these benefits involves a lot of paperwork. Failure to provide the required documents, especially in the case of a disability, will quickly result in a denial. 

Making Too Much Money 

This is usually the case in most social security disability denials. The program is generally meant to benefit those who cannot participate in substantial gainful activity, meaning that they cannot make enough money to support themselves due to their situation. 

The rate of denial for those with disabilities is usually higher than that of retirees. Besides the above-listed factors, the denial rates for the disabled are generally higher than average due to lack of medical disabilities evidence to prove the disability, lack of response during the required time, or if the impairment will only last for a short period, you cannot be located, or you are incarcerated or struggling from drug or alcohol addiction.

What to do? 

Fortunately, all hope is not lost, as you can always file an appeal. However, you stand higher chances of getting the claim approved by involving social security lawyers Illinois. An attorney will strengthen your case by ensuring you have the right paperwork, being easily reachable on your behalf, offering you professional representation and advice, and helping you gather additional evidence to support your claim.

In a nutshell, having asocial security lawyer by your side not only makes the smooth process sailing but also boosts your chances of getting it approved. Be sure to consider contacting one today. It can help in the process and ease some stress.

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