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Why You Should Speak With a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Admin - November 16, 2019 - 0 comments

Each day you go to work, you expect to have an environment where you can effectively do your job. Issues in the workplace such as sexual harassment can interfere with your daily duties and make you feel uncomfortable or violated. In addition to reporting this unwanted behavior to your employer, you should think strongly about hiring an employment law attorney, specifically one who focuses on sexual harassment issues. 

A Lawyer Can Tell You Whether You Have a Case

Before you report an incident, it’s helpful to understand sexual harassment. It is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors or other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. An experienced sexual harassment lawyer Baltimore Md can review help you determine whether the behavior indeed falls under these parameters. Most attorneys will offer free consultations, so you should consider speaking with an attorney before registering a complaint with your employer. 

A Lawyer Provides the Right Advice

When you speak to a sexual harassment lawyer Baltimore Md about an incident you feel was inappropriate, the attorney will give you advice on how to protect yourself. This counsel will help your case move forward more smoothly and help you respond in the right way. Your attorney will advise you to document all aspects of the behavior and how to report the incidents at work. Your lawyer will also guide you on how to respond if the harassment continues even after you report it. 

A Lawyer Will Help You File Charges Against Your Employer

If your employer ignores your report, or if you feel you were discriminated against after reporting the harassment, you should speak to your lawyer immediately. A sexual harassment attorney can help you pursue legal action against the company. This will help you maintain your rights and hold the offending parties accountable. 

Employers should take sexual harassment claims seriously. If you are worried about filing a complaint, speak to a sexual harassment lawyer to be your advocate during the process.

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