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Truck Accidents, Personal Injury Law, and What Every Californian Should Know

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California is a big, beautiful state. From the coastlines and beaches, to towering redwoods or mountains, our communities are growing. People here are drawing attention and it’s no wonder around 40 million people call California home.

But California’s massive size, growing urban centers, and huge population can also create dangers. Thenearly 400,000 miles of road lanes in the state of California are often packed with cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

California’s huge population and massive economy mean lots of shipping by truck. California has the second-highest number of semi truck drivers in the United States (after Texas). The big rig trucks are a common sight on the state’s roads and highways.

Trucks, accidents, and dangers

Having lots of semi trucks is important because California needs lots of food and other essentials shipped from place to place across its large geographical mass. Having tons of trucks on the road can also be very dangerous, though.

Semi trucks can’t stop as quickly as other sorts of vehicles. They can’t turn as nimbly, either, and they may be more susceptible to wind and other environmental factors. There’s a reason that driving a semi truck requires a special license — these things can be dangerous!

And when truck drivers make mistakes, they can cost Californians dearly. Accidents involving semi trucks can be much more dangerous than those involving passenger cars, for the simple reason that semi trucks are heavier and have more momentum.

What to do if you are involved in a semi truck accident

We should all strive to be good drivers, but we also need to understand that not everything on the road is within our control. When other drivers are negligent, we can end up in accidents through no fault of our own. And when the negligent driver is a semi truck driver, the results can be particularly devastating.

After any accident, including one with a semi truck, you should seek help immediately. Call 911 to report any injuries or serious accidents. Get the help you need from the paramedics and doctors. But hold onto the bills — you may be entitled to compensation.

And you may need it. The unfortunate truth is that your bills can build up fast after an accident. Medical bills are expensive in California and your injuries could cause you to miss work and miss paychecks. You deserve justice. You should fight back.

Seeking justice after an injury in California

Under California’s tort laws, parties can file lawsuits against each other to resolve disputes. One of the most important types of lawsuit is the personal injury attorneys, and it could be a huge help to you following a truck accident.

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, call a truck accident lawyer California. Look for a personal injury lawyer who specializes in vehicular accidents, and in truck accidents in particular. When it comes time to prove your case, a lawyer with this specialty will be able to produce the experts that it will take to prove the details of a messy truck accident — and to prove the negligence of the truck driver, which is required if you are going to get compensation.

When you’ve found the right attorney, set up an initial consultation. Bring along any documentation that you have, from police reports to medical bills. Explain your situation as dispassionately as you can and listen for your attorney’s expert advice. With the right case and the right representation, you could be looking at financial compensation and a fresh start after your terrible ordeal.

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